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12 Sticker Set Location Pack

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Transform your styling game with our Adhesive Labels Sticker Sheet—a stunning blend of functionality and aesthetics. These die-cut vinyl stickers boast a holographic allure that adds a touch of magic to your luggage and items. Crafted from waterproof vinyl, they not only look captivating but also withstand the elements with ease.

Perfect for a variety of applications, these adhesive stickers are a versatile addition to your labeling arsenal. Whether for personal or business use, these labels offer a durable and eye-catching solution. Elevate your luggage, packaging, organize with flair, and make your mark with these waterproof holographic labels. Unleash creativity while ensuring longevity in every application—order your sticker sheet today.

Quantity : 12

Usage : Sticker

Type : Adhesive Sticker

Feature : Waterproof

Material : Vinyl

Additional information

Weight 0.70 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 25 cm


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